PERI NAUGHTY Nando’s worker reveals 18 behind-the-scenes secrets – including why you should NEVER order olives

Former restaurant worker spills the edamame beans on kitchen gossip, menu tips and what staff get up to when you can't see them

26 February 2018 - 06:44

A PERI naughty ex-Nando's worker has spilled the beans on life inside the chicken chain - revealing 18 behind-the-scenes secrets.

The anonymous ex-staffer shared their menu tips in a cheeky interview with the Leicester Mercury - even revealing why you should NEVER order the olives.

Nando's opened it's first branch back in 1992 and went on to become on of the most popular places to eat in the country.


But if the chicken mole is to be believed, there's plenty we don't know about it...

1. Nando's chicken ISN'T organic

What's more, the ex-employee says it arrives in store already marinated.

It's cooked in a combi-oven and stored in a hot drawer until someone orders it up - cutting down on service time.


2. Nando's uses frozen food

Pitta breads, macho peas, veggie burgers and cakes come in frozen and are thawed out at the start of each day.


3. Do Nando's chips look familiar?

Well, if they do, that's because they are supplied by McCain - every mum's favourite.


4. Breast is best

Ordering chicken breast is the best way to get more meat and value for your money.


5. The olives are a racket

Staff are told to add just a single layer of olives per customer - meaning you only ever get around nine in a ramekin.

Plus there are wedges of garlic in between.


6. Nando's livers stink

Not the most popular order on the menu - but when people do opt for chicken livers they stink out the kitchen and make the staff feel sick.


7. Nando's staff like to order off-menu

They get to eat a meal every five hours - so you can imagine they like to mix it up every now and then.

The ex-staff member said off-menu favourites include the Nando's burrito - a chicken wrap filled with spicy rice - and huge salads topped with grilled chicken, pineapple, halloumi.


8. Staff sometimes trade food with other takeaways

Nando's workers admit to trading large chucks of chicken with the Domino's Pizza over the road.


9. What 'secret' menu items?

Nando's fans once claimed to know about lots of 'secret' items on the menu.

But now they are listed, and they include, ordering chicken with Peri tamer sauce (a tangy BQ sauce that usually only comes on kids meals), cheesy mash or garlic bread (cheekily for a slice of cheese on top of bread), swapping your burger bun for two slices of garlic bread.


10. The Black Card is real

The coveted Nando's Black Card is only really available to celebs who promote the brand.

Vernon Kay and Reggie Yates are both holders.


11. Guys impress dates with this 'macho' trick

Customers try to look hard in front of their dates or mates with this simple trick.

They order a mild lemon and herb chicken and get the waiter to add the extra hot flag.


12. Valentine's Day is popular for a very different reason

On Valentine's Day, chicken fans flock to the restaurant, but not with their other halves.

Instead of loved-up couples, guys who appear tough are usually found taking their nan out for a hearty meal.


13. Staff hate working the late shift

It's always full of drunk people who spill the self-serve drinks and cause a lot of mess.

Customers even try to sneak in their own booze - which could lead to them being booted out.


14. Staff keep your send backs

If whole plates are sent back to the kitchen, or food is about to expire staff can take them home.

The ex-worker says they once took home four whole chickens and half a carrot cake.


15. Nando's throws a good party

Staff once had a Christmas do at The O2 with staff from all over London.

The parties are often free beer or a paid for weekend away.


16. Customers thieve the chicken stick

The ex-staff member said customers like the stick because it is a good souvenir - but are quite expensive for the business.

They also see a good deal of sauce bottles taken too.




17. Guzzling the yogurt

Yoghurt machines are out of order quite a lot of the time, but when they're in full order, children are found making themselves sick by eating so much.

It's bottomless yogurt, but enjoy the taste!


18. Drink scammers - you've been clocked

The staff member is on to a very popular drink scam.

They said: "We know you’re asking for tap water and filling the glass with Sprite - it's the oldest trick in the book.

"We’ve got our eyes on you, and won't hesitate to turn up at your table with a receipt for a bottomless drink."

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