RASH DECISION Woman, 27, with eczema so severe her face bled reveals how she transformed her skin with lifestyle changes

Camille Knowles credits her diet, exercise and beauty regime for clearing her skin

27 November 2018 - 09:22

A WOMAN whose eczema was so severe she was hospitalised and prescribed with anti-depressants has revealed how lifestyle changes helped clear her skin.

Camille Knowles, 27 - from Manchester - tried over-the-counter medications, steroids and creams before deciding to take a different approach.

Camille - who's now a certified health coach and natural chef - was diagnosed with eczema at the age of six.

According to FEMAIL, her flare-ups often left her with a severe rash and bleeding across her arms, legs, back and face.

But after sessions of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Camille says she developed a more positive attitude towards her condition.

Aged 22, she ditched alcohol, switched to a mainly plant-based diet and swapped technology in the evenings for salty baths and early nights.

Camille says: "I find that avoiding gluten, dairy and refined sugars really helps my skin so as a rule I try and avoid anything containing these.

"Typically, I eat a plant-based diet with some organic meat and fish thrown in."

She occasionally drinks red wine, gin and tonic and champagne, but often opts for kombucha for a "natural buzz".

What Camille eats in a day

Breakfast: Smoothie bowl with blueberries, leafy greens, coconut water, banana and plant-based protein powder

Lunch: Baked sweet potato, homemade avocado pesto, leafy green salad

Dinner: Organic fish or chicken with steamed vegetables or quinoa and beans

Snacks: Raw chocolate, fresh fruit, cold pressed green juice or dairy-free latte

Weekend treats: Vegan pizza or nachos

Her beauty regime has also gone through a huge transformation.

She treats herself to nightly castor oil and sea salt baths, and sometimes makes her own cleanser, bath treatments and face masks.

She explains: "I try to use natural make up and beauty products wherever possible and am a big fan of the natural beauty brand LoveLula."

Fitness is an important part of Camille's lifestyle, with her weekly routine including a mix of aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility exercises.

She adds: "I also think it is extremely important to get outside and embrace the great outdoors so I try and include outdoor activities, such as hiking and salty sea swimming, into my week as much as possible."

Camille has now written a book entitled The Beauty of Eczema, which is designed to provide other sufferers with advice on dealing with the condition.

On her website, she says she hopes to "change the lives of many others".

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