TAP TOP Google reinvents computer keyboard with CIRCULAR buttons – because square keys make you LAZY

The humble keyboard has been given a surprise makeover by the world's biggest tech giant

28 November 2018 - 09:47

GOOGLE has redesigned the computer keyboard after realising that square keys make you a lazy typist.

That's partly why the new Google Pixel Slate – the 2-in-1 laptop just launched in the UK – has a keyboard with exclusively circular keys, The Sun can reveal.

The new Pixel Slate laptop-tablet hybrid will start shipping to Brits from Thursday.

And once they sit down with their new gadget, they might question why Google has adopted circular keys.

Well a Google spokesperson told The Sun that the design team conducted extensive testing on different keyboard types.

It turned out that typing could be improved by switching to circular keys.

"In some cases we have even seen it reduce typing errors as it allows for a more natural keystroke and avoids users hitting the corners of keys – a common cause of typos," Google told us.

This is because square keys are typically packed edge-to-edge.

Google said that this means people typing often end up hitting the corners of keys, rather than the button's centre.

By using circular keys, you're forced to aim your fingers better.

This means you'll naturally acquire better typing aim over time. And there's no chance of hitting a rogue key corner – resulting in a typo – either.

It's not just about boosting your typing skills, however. Google also reckons circular keys just look quite nice.

"Our keys are backlit for easy usage and the folio folds up to double as a case for your Pixel Slate.

"As for the circular keys, they provide an exceptional feel and quiet usage.

"Circular keys are also an iconic and unique industrial design element that fit well within the Made by Google hardware family design language."

The keyboard, which is a £189 accessory, plugs into the bottom of the Pixel Slate and supports the tablet like a laptop.

You can adjust it into several different configurations, aided by a clever folding system.

And the keyboard also doubles up as a folio case to protect the tablet when it's not in use – i.e. knocking around in your bag.

You can read our full Google Pixel Slate review here.

Are you tempted by the Google Pixel Slate? Let us know in the comments!


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