THAT'S RICH Viewers slam Rich Kids Go Skint star for saying he ‘hopefully wouldn’t be going to a council house’

'Rich kid' Andrea left Twitter horrified with his comment, but he seemed to change his opinion throughout the programme

13 November 2018 - 09:45

A RICH kid with a £100,000 wardrobe was slammed for his snarky comment about council houses on tonight's Rich Kids Go Skint.

Andrea - who's originally from Milan but lives in London - is the son of an A-list estate agent in Italy's plush Lake Como, where George and Amal Clooney are among the famous residents.

The self-confessed "material girl" - who works as a PA - swapped Chelsea for a Swansea council house, where single dad-of-two David, 40, lives with his two daughters.

The former chef was forced to quit his job when his youngest Emily, seven, was born - and currently supports her and Martha, 10, on his £1,400-a-month benefits.

But the lion's share of this goes on bills and paying off debts, meaning David is left with just £65 disposable income per month.

By contrast, shopaholic Andrea lives a life of luxury - with a handbag collection any woman would be jealous of, including a £10,000 Birkin, and 50 pairs of shoes totalling £25,000.

Andrea's introduction to the Channel 5 show went down like a lead balloon - particularly when he said of David's home: "Hopefully it's not going to be a council house."

Viewers weren't impressed, with one tweeting: "'I hope it's not a council house'. T***."

Another wrote: "Andrea is a stuck up p**** - I hope it's not a council house. What planet is he on?"

But Andrea soon changed his opinion on David's way of life.

Realising just how extravagant his lifestyle is, he told the film crew on day one: "I definitely feel ridiculous."

We also saw how David was drawn to Andrea's £10,000 Rolex watch, telling him it was "beautiful" and asking how much it cost.

After hearing the price, he said: "£10,000 would pay off all my debts in one go. And I'd be about £400 a month better off."

This revelation left Andrea in tears, admitting to the cameras: "I'm feeling bad now spending all that money.

"Just to say: 'Oh my God Rolex mate,' when there's people struggling very much. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

"They are a happy family, but they deserve more."

Viewers seemed to totally change their minds on Andrea throughout the programme.

Not only were a number of harsh tweets about him deleted, but many also took the opportunity to praise his attitude.

One message read: "Loving Andrea good lad, with a great attitude and approach."

Another person wrote: "Pretty emotional watching this episode of Rich Kids Go Skint, how well did the girls get on with Andrea?"

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