THE INK-REDIBLES The ordinary Brits who are tattooed works of art underneath their clothes

Photographer Alan Powdrill set out to document the Brits who are addicted to ink in his project called COVERED

08 May 2018 - 10:30

YOU wouldn’t have an ink-ling of the designs beneath these people’s clothes.

They are among 40 tattoo fans snapped by London-based photographer Alan Powdrill, 49, for his project COVERED. More than a fifth of Brits have gone under the needle – catapulting the number of UK tattoo parlours from 300 to 2,000 in 20 years. See more of Alan’s work at

Izzy Nash, 48, from Maidstone


48-year-old Izzy Nash is a hair and makeup artist from Maidstone.

She gushed: "I love being different. Every day I’m asked about them and always get a positive reaction."


Graham Platts, 58, from Cleethorpes


Graham Platts, 58, is a police support worker from Cleethorpes.

He said: "I was 51 when I started. My parents wouldn't let me have one as a teen."


Kimmy Clancy, 29, from Ruislip


Kimmy Clancy is a sales assistant from Ruislip, West London.

Kimmy, 29, said: "My Kiss tattoos show my dedication to the band."


Chris Berte, 25, from Coventry


Sky-diving instructor Chris Berte, 25, from Coventry, said his tattoos serve as a reminder of his personality.

He said: "If I ever forget who I am, I take my clothes off and look in the mirror."


Simon Carruth, 62, from London


62-year-old Simon Carruth is a charity worker from London.

He crooned of his tattoos: "They are beautiful and I'll always feel the same. I love them."


Victoria Clarke, 37, from Coventry


Victoria Clarke, 37, is a dog beautician from Coventry.

She said: "I'll always love my bodysuit - now and when I'm 80."


Michelle Lait, 53, Cleethorpes


53-year-old Michelle is a charity worker from Cleethorpes.

She said: "While there's still space to fill, I will get it filled."

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