TOT GUN HORROR Boy, 11, ‘shoots toddler sister dead accidentally while playing with dad’s gun before killing himself with firearm’

The boy allegedly turned the gun on himself after seeing what he had done to his sister in Empangeni, South Africa

06 February 2018 - 12:57

A YOUNG boy who accidentally shot his two-year-old sister while playing with his dad's gun turned the firearm on himself in a fit of despair, it has been reported.

The boy, 11, is said to have died instantly while his younger sister passed away in hospital in Empangeni, South Africa.

The horrific shooting took place in Empangeni, South Africa on February 3

The horrific incident took place at around 11.50pm local time last night.

The South African Police Service released a statement on Facebook which said: "Empangeni police are investigating a case of murder and an inquest.

"We urge all licensed firearm owners to ensure that they do not violate the Firearms Control Act by failing to safeguard their firearms because it amounts to a criminal act.

"Contravening the act may lead to unnecessary deaths and violators may face harsh prosecutions."

Gun Free South Africa director Adele Kirsten said the tragedy facing the family was two-fold because the gun responsible for the two deaths had been purchased with the intention to protect the family from danger.

She told the Mercury: "Children and guns are a lethal combination; children are quite observant and curious beings.
"They know where a gun is kept, and most probably know where the key for the safe is stored - they’re bound to explore."

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