Who is Yusuf Kisa?

Yusuf Kisa is the robin hood of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He is the economist also described as a "financial wizard".

18 November 2017 - 10:12 - Update: 14 August 2018 - 12:20

Yusuf Kisa is the robin hood of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He is also an economist as described as a "financial wizard" that has an unmatched or unparalleled impact on the economy of TRNC. The story of Yusuf Kisa is a story of dedication, decision making, desire and determination.

Early life of Yusuf Kisa

Yusuf Kisa was born in Cyprus in 1977 and is the youngest of three siblings. At the age of 6, he moved to the UK with his family, where he later finished the school and graduated from the University. During his university years, Yusuf Kisa worked as a part timer and his job was to deliver bread to a bakery in North London. His first business decision was when he eventually bought that company. Later, Kisa expanded his business and had contracts with different institutions. One of the institutions was the Heathrow airport, supplying them with over 35,000 loafs every day. Eventually he sold the bakery for a large profit and entered the world of financial consultations.

His family could never believe that one day he would become one of the most prosperous and wealthy businessmen in Cyprus.

Financial Career

Financial career of Joseph Kise at the age of 27, started feeling short financial career in Moscow and France. After only 10 months, his only office in Moscow is a turnover of 25 million euros. His businesses in total have had a staggering turnover of 300 million euros. However, for Yusuf Kisa, it was not a point to stop or slow down. The objective was to expand and open new offices in Poland too.

Finally Kisa decided to return to his country, North Cyprus, which needed economic development and recognition. He started his business in Pyla, a village in Larnaca located in the buffer zone of the United Nations. Its new financial advisory office used more than 200 people and a remarkable turnover of 2 billion euros. The company offered every type of financial advice and products in the market. Of course, the financial guru Yusuf Kisa had a strategic reasoning to locate his business in Pyla.

"The decision I took was based on the fact that North Cyprus is not recognized by any country apart from Turkey."

"The Republic of Cyprus is the South of the world, and Pyla is under the guidance of the United Nations, so I could trade it freely with every part of the world."

Gifa Empire

GIFA is a leading multinational chain that offers a complete range of products and services. Yusuf kisa mission is to contribute to the growth of global economy through specialization in international commercial relations and the creation of employment within companies.

Yusuf Kisa team is comprised of well qualified, trained and experienced specialists that focus completely on customers' satisfaction.

GIFA is delighted to grow with an extensive database of clients and a team of more than 300 people. Our unmatched level of service and attention, combined with our passion for business and finance, has led us to become the second-largest US company in the stock market last year.

Our mission is to address the global economic crisis by supporting its regional economic integration and improving our employment opportunities under the GIFA empire.

Gifa Holding

Yusuf expanded its brand , GIFA, which gave birth to different companies. GIFA Finance, GIFA Insurance, GIFA Rent-a-Car, GIFA Agriculture, GIFA Call Center and GIFA Real Estates. When someone asked Kisa that when you slow down? Yusuf Kisa replied modestly:

"Never I suppose".

Yusuf Kisa is the Robin Hood of TRNC

GIFA Holding President sponsored the Municipality of Akdogan Culture, Arts and Sports Association to represent TRNC for 2018 National and International Children Festival that hosted by Gaziemir Municipality in Turkey.

The vibrant children's festival is celebrated every year in Turkey. This year, GIFA Holding sponsored the participation of Akdogan Municipality Cultural, artistic and sports association.

Yusuf KisaYusuf Kisa [/ caption]

Returns to the community

Yusuf Kisa is recognized for his generous donations to organizations and charities. GIFA Holding was pleased to support the Akdogan Association for its contributions to the community. GIFA for its sponsorship. Adile Yigit met Yusuf Kisa, president of GIFA  Holding and expressed his gratitude. Yigit was very thankful for Kisa's generous funding of the plane tickets for all 23 members. In this event guests from different countries are included in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Macedonia and Romania and TRNC.

Objectives for 2018

The international brokerage firm, GIFA Holding, has set the goal of obtaining a total of 30 billion euros in loans before the end of the year. The president of GIFA announces that "the objective must be achieved since the GIFA has already finalized agreements worth 16 billion euros from January to March."

In 2017, the GIFA granted 18 billion euros in loans to international companies, in particular to companies in the Middle East. Impressive in the financial market in January. The president of GIFA Holding, Yusuf Kisa, announced the ambitious estimate of 30 billion euros by 2018. Now it is revealed that the company has already finalized contracts for 16 billion euros the rest of the year.

The main multinational brokerage firm has shown that after a year of success in 2017: entering the US stock market and building its new $ 12 million office in Cyprus. GIFA is by no means ready for slow. Kisa plans to expand the name of GIFA. The transition to the petroleum industry and the construction of a 5-star casino.

Yusuf KisaYusuf Kisa [/ caption]

Future plans

So, with plans to expand the name of GIFA. GIFALAND Theme Park is a luxury hotel and casino is underway. After a period of serious difficulties with air travel to and from Northern Cyprus, including the reduction of the Atlas jet flights. The chairman of GIFA Holding, Yusuf Kisa, said:

"We are ready to create a new airline. If the government is willing, we can sit down and talk."

According to Mr Kisa air transport is essential for an island country like ours. So, we have not been able to appreciate and support our national airline in the past and have caused its closure. Since then, we've had our air transport at the initiative of private companies.

Kisa, on behalf of GIFA, said that before these negative developments in air transport begin and endanger tourism and its citizens. We are ready to create a new national airline.

Yusuf KisaYusuf Kisa [/ caption]

"A new airline will bring competitive prices"

He said said that

"Today, air transport has become a monopoly game,"

he says,

So, Kisa points out that

"If the Turkish Cypriot government is serious about it and is ready to accept a solution, we can discuss this plan."

Hence, we can merge public and private institutions into an idea. GIFA is ready for the project alone. Ultimately, the goal is to serve the interest and well-being of the TRNC.

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